matali crasset

#reinvatareunmondocomune #wetrustinwood #ventdesforets A collection of everyday objects for the Maisons Sylvestres as part of the Vent des With this small range of items manufactured using noble materials, I want to offer "more" to each user than just a bowl made from turned sycamore or sculpted rice spoon. No "turnkey" design then, but rather a custom project woven and carved by local artisans. Similarly, no specific method was established for finding and meeting these artists or for winning them over and supporting them throughout the project - instead, an informal, fluid, evolving approach was taken. Each of the artisans is from a very different background, they are stakeholders in the process, and on this occasion, their usual practice, which is often governed by a fairly rigid framework, is shaken up a little... #matalicrasset #SaloneDelMobile #milanogram2016 #mdw2016 #mdw16

13 avril, 19:34

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